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Wellness Weeks

Cleanse your body and revitalize your life.

Your body is a divine temple. It needs constant care and appreciation.
Without your body, who would you be? -Veeresh

Give a gift to your body during Sangitama’s Wellness Weeks. Each week is designed to help you de-stress, detoxify and bring your body back into balance. Along with her dedicated and professional staff, Sangitama will guide you through seminars, cleansing diets, personal health counseling, emotional clearing, yoga and more.

Sangitama is a Humaniversity Therapist and a certified healing practitioner who combines Eastern and Western methods of healing. She has been trained in many natural healing arts, including acupuncture, homeopathy, living blood analysis, kinesiology and reflexology.

She combines them with her incredible intuition and therapeutic experience to guide you in a healthy direction. Along the way she will keep you motivated with her humor and her tender loving care.

Each Wellness Week includes

  • A special diet using natural organic foods to flush out toxins
  • Seminars on body and emotional health
  • Meditations, emotional clearing exercises, yoga and massage
  • Beach walks along the North Sea coast
  • Living blood analysis before and after treatment
  • Colon hydrotherapy and a body wrap
  • Personal counseling and tips to improve your health once you return home

Each Wellness Week focuses on revitalizing a different part of your body: Colon Health, Liver Flush and Kidney Cleanse. Below you can read more about them and when they happen.

Next Wellness Week

  • Wellness Weekend: Spring Awakening

    Wellness Weekend: Spring Awakening

    With Sangitama & Yasha, Date 12 - 14 Apr 2019

    Spring is here! Refresh each cell of your body and let go of stuck emotions and sluggishness. Feel awake, vibrant and motivated for new experiences. You will enjoy the benefits of Qi Gong, healthy food, seminars, meditation and massage, and learn how to do an Ayurvedic liver flush.

  • Wellness Week - Liver Cleanse

    Wellness Week - Liver Cleanse

    With Sangitama, Date 12 - 18 Sep 2019

    The liver is the largest internal organ of the body. Stress contracts the liver, leading to a lack of motivation, tiredness and negativity. This week we will do an Andreas Moritz liver flush to eliminate liver and gallbladder stones and clear out toxins. Learn which emotional issues block your liver and how to overcome them. A healthy liver creates vitality, mental clarity and softness towards yourself and others. A revitalizing schedule including alkaline food, liver compresses, yoga for the liver, massage, colonics, darkfield analysis and more will help you to feel rejuvenated and energized. Limited to 8 participants